Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To do List B4 Maternity Leave

Now, am reached 27 weeks pregnancy...My baby is really starting to grow rapidly..I'm feeling short of breath..maybe my uterus is keeping near my rib cage..s/time feeling unpleasant, especially after meal & sleeping time... funny when others ofismate start asking "eh, pregnantker?" or "pregnant lg?"...Am juz answering "I dah nak bersalin dah.." haha... Unbelievable that am reached 6 months & my tummy is still cute2 size. Yeah, juz wait & see after 2 weeks, my tummy a look like a ball.

Anyway, a lot of TO DO LISTs still not visible yet..I've to speed up my gear..settled it b4 June!

1) Ganti Puasa a.s.a.p! Ramadhan is on 21st July.

Am worry if my confinement keep going on until Ramadhan...silap2 kn ganti sebulan pose.

2) Preparation Kenduri + Birthday Aqif + Cukur Jambul BB

Am planning before Ramadhan..+ 2 weeks after deliver 13/6.

3) BB Shopping

But, not start frm the scratch. Can reuse my thaqif bb thingie’s..Juz add a few more essential things.

4) Baju Raya my lit Uzma + Aqif + BB + Mine + Hubby

5) Kitchen Cabinet

Hopefully can find KC

6) Cat Rumah

Of course my husband will handle this part! hehe

Hopefully, everything can move on smoothly...insyallah ;-)