Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Request to MoH: Kawasaki Disease (KD) Statistics

 I juz come to know this informative website, siap ada MyHEALTH APS lg. Tp click2 cam tak response. So, sy terus email persoalan yg dh lama bersarang dlm fikiran sy. W/pun bb Zahin dah recover, sy selalu bimbang + trauma pun ada. Mmg perit bila ini berlaku pada bb Zahin sy..Smg bb Zahin akan terus sembuh yg tidak meninggalkan sebarang penyakit lain. Next check-up 30/4.

Anyway, Thank You MyHEALTH for replying my email. Am looking forward for ur informative replied ya!

Am really eager to know the Kawasaki Statistics in Malaysia. Our paed, Dr Normi said this KD (Kawasaki Disease) is rarely happens, but it’s common in Malaysia. Frm my treasures reading, this KD is still unreported illnesses. Am not sure if the MoH is classified them as part of Heart Disease or Respiratory Problem stat’s. For me, it is good to consider as reported illnesses in Health Facts Stat’s produced by MoH. If Hand Foot Mouth Disease stat’s is reported, why not KD? It is even worse, if ur child infected by KD. Sgt menakutkan! Usually KD can be detected after 5 days long pain of fever, smp naik rashes the whole body..bibir pun cracked & berdarah..& Sorry to say, some doctor's boleh wrongly prescribed as measles/chicken pox. The longer u wait…the more riskier wud be for artery/vessels diseases. Sgt kesian dan bersalah kat anak. As the root cause of KD is unknown, not even becoz of genetics..more towards environment..I want to see the stat’s of KD & want MoH to include KD as reported illnesses in Malaysia Health Facts every year. Some awareness programmes need to be organized as I wud seen that negara-negara membangun is more prone to KD.

Pls consider my suggestions, as KD is unusual and serious illnesses of young children. Again, sgt kesian kat anak! The disease also causes damage of the coronary arteries of untreated children and may increase the risk of atherosclerosis in early adulthood. That’s why AM CONCERNED. Most importantly, we will be able to use these data to help us predict which children with KD are at most risks for heart disease from their KD. My reading saying that, KD is more common in Japanese children and those of Asian descent, but it is found in all ethnic groups, affecting around 1 in 10,000 children. It is 10 to 20 times more common in Japanese and Japanese American children than in children of European descent. I do hope MoH can do some initiatives on this.


HBO said...

Bukan tak nak report, tak tau diagnose!